Sichuan HS International Trade Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as HS) is a comprehensive international trading company, currently involving the whole vehicle industry, used car industry, auto parts industry, and power storage equipment industry.We cooperate with more than 30 auto brands and support some models to be customized as right-hand drive vehicles. HS has a complete international trade trading chain and now exports have spread to many countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, etc

Our supply chain trading network covers more than 30 brands, which are stable and long-term, including: BYD, Hongqi, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Zeekr, Haval, Changan, Chery, Blueprint , Leap Motor, Geely, Dongfeng, Maxus, NIO, Great Wall and LI, etc.

We can also meet the customization needs of a small number of models, such as right-hand drive, language system, etc., including: Radar RD6 electric pickup truck, Dongfeng Fengxing series vehicles, vans, etc.

Yes, the source of our used cars is mainly from the Chengdu used car market in the central and western regions of China, which is the second largest used car resource market in China. In addition, we have also cooperated with merchants in the used car market in Beijing to provide buyers with authentic and reliable used car resources at any time.

Our company is mainly engaged in wholesale, of course, we can also provide car sources for retail buyers according to your needs.

For individual buyers, we only provide one-year after-sales service, and only assist in the procurement of engines, gearboxes, chassis components, and subsequent accessories for gasoline vehicles. For wholesalers, dealers and buyers, we will provide after-sales service package according to different situations.

There is no after-sales service and warranty, but if you need to provide accessories, we can help you purchase them.

New Car Sales

1 unit.

Of course, the accessories we send are all high-quality branded parts. If there is a need for after-sales service, we will provide solutions as needed.

It will take 10-15 days after receiving your full payment. The specific delivery time depends on the project and quantity of your order.

One year, the engine, gearbox, and chassis components of gasoline vehicles. Most importantly, we can sell any accessories you need in the future.

Yes, some of our models are in stock and in stock, produced before 2022. We can ship them immediately. We can also offer you a discount. Please leave us a message.

We offer a variety of services, including modified parts, in addition to cars and accessories. And additional services including showroom design, marketing planning, agency planning, and so on.

Transport by trailer, rail and RO-RO ships. LCL Quantity permits shipment of 1 set of samples. The orders will be sent via FCL. Typically, the delivery period is 15 to 25 days after deposit receipt.

Used Car Sales

1 unit.

Our delivery time is determined according to our existing car source. If it is an existing car, it will only take about 7-12 days to be shipped to the port. If there is no existing car, the slowest delivery time is about 30 days.

Yes, when you have a clear need, you can only pay a deposit of 10% of the budgeted amount, and we will search for a vehicle according to your needs. If the vehicle is not found within the agreed number of days, we will refund you in full deposit.

It is true. Our second-hand cars will be updated based on our existing car sources. There are batches of cheap stock cars and eliminated online car-hailing cars. There are also used cars of luxury brands, and we will purchase according to your needs.

The FOB price of our cheapest second-hand car can reach 1,200 US dollars, and the condition of the car is an old car over 15 years old or a car with a mileage of more than 200,000 kilometers.

There is no after-sales and warranty, but if you need to provide accessories, we can help you purchase them.

Trailer, rail and ro-ro shipping. LCL quantity allows 1 set of samples to be shipped. Orders will be sent via FCL.