Foreword: There are many pitfalls in the used car market. If you always want to find a good car at a very low price, you will definitely fall into the trap. The price is far lower than the normal market,the condition of the car seems perfect,it seems there is no reason not to buy it.But whether you buy this knd of car from a second-hand car dealer or from a friend, the result may be the same, that is, being fooled.

1. Vehicle Valuation

The first thing we consider in used vehicle valuation is the service life of the purchased vehicle. Depending on the service life, the condition and price of a used car will vary. You must first know how much the car is worth before you can know the price of the car. No problem, if the price is much lower than the market price, it is either a car with meter adjustment or an accident car.

1.1 Calculation of used car life and depreciation rate

Within 1 year: It is a quasi-new car, the price is relatively high, and the depreciation rate is around 10% to 15%. It is necessary to consider why the owner want to sell it and the current condition of the car.

1 to 3 years: This type of used car is the most cost-effective, with a depreciation rate is around 15% to 35%. After the vehicle has passed the break-in period, all aspects are still in peak condition, and there will be no minor problems. It is suitable for daily transportation or for beginners to practice use.

3~5 years: The advantage of this type of car is that the price is low, and the depreciation rate is between 35% and 45%. At this time, if the original car owner maintains it well, the car will not have too many problems, and there may be similar parts Aging, oil leakage, and water leakage have minor problems, but as long as the maintenance is in place, it can still be driven for a long time.

More than 5 years: The depreciation rate gradually decreases by 5%, which means that the price is basically less than half of the new car, which also means that the performance of the vehicle has declined sharply, and the vehicle has entered an aging period and requires careful maintenance.

How to quickly order a satisfied second-hand car?
How to quickly order a satisfied second-hand car?

1.2 New car price

The prices of new cars in each country are different because of the different tariffs. If you are purchasing a used car in the Chinese market, you can refer to our website “car for sale” to view the detailed configuration information and reference prices of various models. Combined with the depreciation rate, we can basically determine the current normal market price of the second-hand car we want to buy in China.

1.3 Reference market price of used cars

In addition to estimating the price, we can also compare the local used car prices in our country. We will calculate the tariff and logistics costs according to your needs, and calculate the final price in your country.

How to quickly order a satisfied second-hand car?

2. Vehicle condition analysis

Meter adjustment car, accident car, soaking car, and burning car are the most feared situations when buying a second-hand car, so the following points can help you analyze the condition of the vehicle:

How to quickly order a satisfied second-hand car?

2.1 Meter adjustment vehicle:

The refurbished car with modified mileage looks quasi-new on the outside, but the actual internal parts are seriously worn out, and the service life is drastically reduced.

2.2 Accident car:

Vehicles that have experienced serious accidents such as bumps, collisions, deformations, or fires are collectively called accident vehicles. If important structures such as the frame, abc pillars, and beams are deformed and repaired, the safety protection capabilities of the vehicles will be extremely reduced, and the protection capabilities will be linear falling, once an accident occurs, it is very easy to endanger the life safety of the driver.

2.3 Soaking car:

A large area of the vehicle is flooded with water above the seats, the wiring in the car is soaked in water, the electronic components and mechanical structures in the car are corroded and moldy after being soaked in water, and short-circuit fires are very easy to occur, endangering the safety of the driver, and the interior is moldy due to water soaking , there will be a taste that is difficult to get rid of.

2.4 Fire car:

In the event of an accidental fire, the plastic insulation layer of the internal circuit is aging, which is likely to cause a short circuit and secondary fire. At the same time, the frame structure becomes brittle after being burned and cooled, and the protection ability is reduced.

3. Vehicle condition detection skills

Distinguishing skills of meter-adjusted vehicles: 20,000 kilometers a year is relatively appropriate. If it is 10,000 kilometers in three years and 26,000 kilometers in four and a half years, there is a high probability that it is either a meter adjustment or an idle car.

Accident car identification skills: check the seat belt, if it is newly replaced, it is likely that there has been a major accident. So what kind of accident car can you buy? Rear-end bumper replacement, sheet metal, putty, and body coverings have been replaced, and a single piece of glass has been replaced due to external reasons, and minor accidents that have no effect on the overall structure of the vehicle can be purchased.

Soaking car identification skills: Pull out the seat belt and pull it to the end, smell the smell, and see if there is any dry watermark. Generally, even if the mud in the cracks is cleaned, the seat belt will most likely be ignored. If the seat belt is soaked in water, according to the height The instrument panel and some lines are basically unscathed.

Fire car identification skills: The fire is mainly because of the engine. After the fire, all internal parts need to be replaced, such as glass kettles, water tanks, wiring harnesses, various sensors, etc., directly check the production date. If it is a later replacement, it is either an accident repair car or a fire car.

How to quickly order a satisfied second-hand car?
How to quickly order a satisfied second-hand car?

4. Buy pit avoidance

Every second-hand car of our HS will mark the real condition of the car, and before selling, we will find a third-party testing agency to issue a test report according to the customer’s requirements. Before delivery, we will reconfirm the authenticity of the vehicle, and package the information, pictures and videos of the vehicle and send them to the customer’s mailbox.