Step 1

 Identify the car make and model you need

If you are purchasing a new car, you can refer to the models and models in the “car for sale” on the website, select the model you need to make an inquiry, if you can’t find the model you need in the website, you can directly Initiate an inquiry to us, and we will configure one-on-one sales for you.

If you are purchasing a used car, you can refer to our used car inventory in the “car news-Budget Saving Used Car” of the website, and you can initiate an inquiry to us. If you don’t find what you like Models, you can also initiate an inquiry directly, and tell us your needs, we will provide you with car purchasing services and guidance.

Step 2

Clarify your purchase quantity and purchase cycle

The inventory of each model is different. You can tell us your purchase quantity and cycle, and we will synchronize the current vehicle resources for you as soon as possible. If your quantity cannot be met, we will, according to your order requirements, Indirectly make reservations for you and the manufacturer.

In addition, you can pay attention to the “car news—Cost Effective New Car” on the website at any time, which will update the car source information almost every day, such as inventory status, price discounts, etc. If there is a model you need, feel free to You can send us an inquiry.

Step 3

clear logistics and transportation methods and trade terms

We generally use land trailers, railway containers, railway cages, sea ro-ro ships, and sea containers for automobile transportation. According to your region, we will provide the best solution, such as transportation price, transportation safety, and damage rate. Formulate a logistics transportation plan, and when we transport the car, we will cover each car with a car cover to prevent scratches. Our car cover is also specially customized for transportation. We have a professional documentary to serve you. So please rest assured in terms of transportation.

But what you need to know here is that if you buy a second-hand electric car, we will not be able to transport it for you by sea, because the transportation safety problem of the second-hand electric car has not been completely solved in the shipping company’s transportation plan at present, but the transportation of new cars will not Affected.

Step 4

Clarify trade terms, payment methods and ratios

Before confirming the purchase, we must first sign the contract and invoice, clarify the trade terms and the payment method and ratio, so as to ensure the compliance of the transaction process, and both US dollars and overseas RMB can be paid.

Step 5

Prepare the vehicle and provide the vehicle information package, delivery declaration and transportation

When your car purchase payment reaches our account, we will immediately prepare the car and go through the procedures for export pending transfer. During this period, we will pack the car information according to your needs, generate an electronic file and send it to you, and at the same time We will contact the logistics as soon as possible, book a storage space, and synchronize the delivery status of the car at any time.

Step 6

Buyer clears customs and picks up the goods

When the vehicle arrives at the port, the buyer needs to pick up the vehicle as soon as possible, so as to avoid the increased cost of the goods staying in the port for a long time. If it is transported by container, it needs to be returned within the specified time.

Step 7

Confirm the model and check the vehicle, after-sales service and compensation for damage

Damage will inevitably occur during transportation, but don’t panic, we will deal with it in time.