Foreword: HS has been in the used car industry for more than ten years, and has been committed to creating branded used cars. In China’s second-hand car market, at this stage, branded second-hand cars are leading the traditional second-hand car market. The industry is constantly breaking through itself and seeking a higher model of second-hand car service concepts. In this process, it will inevitably have an impact on the traditional second-hand car industry; brand second-hand cars The competition among them will not appear in a short time, but it is a foreseeable fact that in the future used car market, there will be a business scene where traditional used cars, branded used cars and e-commerce used cars coexist. The field of second-hand car business will also be refined. Different business models satisfy different consumers. Different business models compete with each other and complement each other.


(1) Traditional second-hand cars: mainly for store sales, most of them are individual dealers, and there is no unified testing standard.

(2) Brand used cars: Brand used cars refer to the automobile manufacturers based on a certain scale of ownership in order to improve the value preservation rate of their cars, consolidate user loyalty and increase the number of users, and further improve the field of automobile after-sales service. used car business.

(3) E-commerce used cars: It is a form of used car information dissemination and transactions through the Internet or other digital media channels. It makes full use of the conditions provided by modern information technology, breaks the constraints of time and space, and forms an online second-hand car information interaction mechanism with the help of rich second-hand car resources, realizing a brand-new way different from traditional second-hand car inspection and sales.

HS has always insisted on the development of branded used cars, which is an upgrade based on market demand and changes. We want to break through the drawbacks of the traditional used car market, and develop branded used cars into a more standardized, professional and transparent market. We insist on developing branded used cars mainly due to the following factors:

1. The traditional second-hand car market has a bad reputation. Consumers always have concerns about the condition of the car when they buy a car. Incidents of accidents and car entrapment of customers happen from time to time, and it is difficult to resolve disputes. Relatively speaking, brand-name used cars are guaranteed by OEMs , The reputation is better, and consumers can be more trustworthy.

2. The traditional used car service concept, service attitude and service level are poor.

3. There is no after-sales guarantee. Consumers buy cars in the traditional used car market without any after-sales guarantee. However, the after-sales warranty strategy for brand-certified used cars relieves many consumers of worries.

At the same time, with the rapid development of e-commerce, it has provided a realistic basis for online car sales, and the development of online used cars has also made the market more transparent. The combination of online used car stores and offline stores of branded used cars makes consumers feel more at ease.